The Implementation Process

Using our structured project methodology from start to finish, we collaborate with you throughout the entire process. Each project begins with a Kickoff Meeting, ensuring that our plan meets your requirements and that the project will have minimum impact on your daily operational activities.  Not all projects will need all steps.

Site Survey
The Green Lighting Group team will conduct a thorough Onsite Lighting Audit and Facility Survey. With this data we are able to develop a detailed and accurate Energy and ROI analysis. Our specialists can also determine what tax credits and energy rebates you may be eligible for, providing additional savings on your lighting implementation.

ROI and Energy Analysis
Based on results from the site survey and initial consult, a detailed ROI analysis is developed. We will also consult with you to determine eligibility for federal tax credits and state and local rebates (our service includes all filing and administration). This information will be provided in your individually developed Lighting Solution Proposal.

Our experienced engineers will provide a custom lighting solution that is energy efficient, flexible and reliable. We provide quality components from reputable manufacturers and consider all unique aspects of your facility when developing our designs.

Lighting Installation
We create the most efficient installation plan that minimizes impact on your daily operational activities. Our project managers oversee each step of the process from start to finish, beginning with a Project Kickoff. We finalize each installation with Acceptance Testing of the system.

Software Configuration
Green Lighting Group's iLighting Manager® software creates additional energy savings opportunities. Our goal is to achieve the best energy savings through configuration of individual fixtures or groups of fixtures, dimming and scheduling, while providing our customer a superior lighting experience.

Lighting Control
Once the iLighting Manager® is installed and configured, your lights can be managed on demand through secure web access. We can provide training so you can effectively control your energy costs, or we can provide Lighting Management Services for you.